1005 – 2009 Trip to Athos: outside Iviron, day 1 – 16

On this plan from Google Earth you can see the spots where I took the pictures.

Photo 1: Iviron, just outside the gate a road leads in NW direction

Photo 2: Iviron, photo shot from almost the same spot as the first photo, towards the North

Photo 3: Iviron beach, with Kaliagra and Stavronikita

Photo 4: Iviron, rocky beach with dead tree and the harbour/arsanas in the background

Photo 5: Iviron: NE facade

Photo 6: Iviron, the North East corner

Photo 7: Iviron, the cell of Panaghias Agiasma

And the last photo is a view of the coast towards Stavronikita from a higher spot than photo 7, just before the road turns to Mylopotamos, where we will spent the night and where we saw some interesting things, which I will show you next time.

Wim, 28/2

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  1. Nick says:

    For the last fifteen years or so there has been a laxity in enforcing this rule when it applies to Greek kids. Generally they are well behaved and accompanied by their father or relative but it is still illegal.

  2. Mount Athos Center, Thessaloniki -Mr. Demitrios Salpistis says:

    Dear Sir,

    This is to let you know that the Mount Athos CENTER in GREECE is INTERESTED in featuring some of your photographs from Mt. ATHOS in a future exhibition. PLEASE contact us with an e-mail in which we can be in touch with you. Please send your contact at our webmail: agestia@otenet.gr
    thank you and know that we are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

  3. art says:

    some more photos of iviron in spring 2008/09

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