973 – M. Basil Pennington: O Holy Mountain!

I got the boat to the Simonos Petra landing. A merchant in Daphni gave me a bag of fish to bring along and a letter. Fortunately, he said to leave the fish at the dock. The climb, over a thousand feet straight up in the noonday sun, with my bag on my shoulder, was a real workout – purgatory on the way to heaven.

The monastery itself is quite cool, catching the mountain breezes. It is very well kept. I received a cheerful welcome from the guest-master, Father Theologos, and was given a room that looks out on the courtyard and the katholikon, the main church of the monastery. I hope I will be able to stay here. Silence reigns here except for the birds, the wind and the water.
Contemplative silence described in O Holy Mountain! – Journal of a Retreat on Mount Athos by Fr. M. Basil Pennington (1931 -2005), who was a Trappist monk at St. Joseph’s Abbey, Spencer, Massachusetts, as well as a spiritual writer and teacher.
Fr. Basil Pennington’s book O Holy Mountain! is out of print. But it appears to have been republished under the torturous title, The Monks of Mount Athos: A Western Monk’s Extraordinary Spiritual Journey on Eastern Holy Ground.
See also nr. 471. More parts of this book here. Thanks to On an overgrown path

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  1. Vasilis says:

    About distances the story goes like this: a group of pelgrims asks a monk how long it will take before they reach their goal. And the monk says: and You want me to know that? The pelgrims disapointed walked away. After some 40 meters they heard the voice of the monk: when You walk like that You will need 2 hours and 20 minutes…Conclusion: trust only the kilometers, the time depends of your own. See keliotes 439, http://agioritikesmnimes.pblogs.gr/

  2. Fremaki says:

    I think the Papadopoulos map is very interesting !
    Could you make a good scan of it (very high resolution) and post it here or send it by email to anybody interested ?

  3. Wim says:

    I will publish a better version of this map, first I’ll have to scan it.

  4. a short text from this book, translated into Romanian language. The pages that evoke the meeting with Father Emilianos Simonopetritis. – https://sfantulmunteathos.wordpress.com/2019/05/24/gheronda-emilianos-in-jurnalul-athonit-al-unui-calugar-catolic-trapist/

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