972 – 2009 Trip to Athos: Paleo Monastiro day 1 – 10

IMG_3187 Palio Monastiro entrance
This is the entrance to the old Russian monastery, Paleo Monastiro, also called the monastery of the Thessalonicans (or Nagornij Rusik). Founded in 1169, nothing remains of the original building. After a devastating fire in 1312 it was rebuild again with the help of a Byzantine Emperor, Andronikos II, but later on it fell into ruins again. A remarkable detail is the thick wall that is seen on the right. It does not seem to have a purpose. Might it be the last remaining piece of the original settlement? Have a look at a plan of the site:

palio monastiro1kopie
Plan of the location:
A. the main church dedicated to the Mother of God: “Potsajevskija”
B. cells/monks quarters
C. secundary building/working place
D. well
E. columns
F. the second church, where Saint Savas from Serbia once lived

This is how it looked in 2003 on Google Earth:palio monastiro

IMG_3177 Palio Monastiro building A and B
A picture of the long building/living quarters B and the main church A, again with the odd old wall, with niches and shapes of windows in it.IMG_3176 Palio Monastiro building B and well (Large)
In this picture the camera is turned a bit to the left: Building B with the well D on the right in the shadow (with the guys resting in under the large trees)IMG_3191 Palio Monastiro building B
Building B: only one monk seems to live here. We saw him sneaking through the door, but unfortunately he was not anxious to have a talk.IMG_3192 Palio Monastiro lock
Detail of a door of building BIMG_3194 Palio Monastiro north wall building B
The north wall of building BIMG_3196 Palio Monastiro cats.JPG
Cats in front of building B, with a gate to the bridge on the leftIMG_3195  Palio Monastiro bridge.JPG
The bridge that leads out of Paleo Monastiro, with brother Herman. Building C on the right.IMG_3193  Palio Monastiro inside building C.JPG
Inside building C: old wooden barrels

Next time more pictures of the main church.


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  1. Bertinos says:

    “Potsajevskija” means “of Potsjajev” (Počajev/Pochaev/Počajiv/Pochaïv; Ukr: Почаїв), a large Orthodox Monastery in Ukraine. It is famous for a wonder-working icon with a footprint of the Theotokos.

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