749 – Athos icon for sale


This icon is for sale on eBay for 3995 dollars. Because it dates from 1888 and it is form Urkraine origin, I wonder if it once hung in the church of this deserted cell.

The deserted Ukrain cell or kellion Timiou Stavrou in 1986

The icon of The Resurrection shows Christ’s triumphant descent into hades after His death, with a Guarding Angel by his open tomb Icon_resurrect_detail_angel_1888

and Roman soldiers on the foreground. Icon_resurrect_detail_warriors_1888

The icon is painted in realistic style characteristic of Ukrainian school at the second part of the 19th century.

The inscription in Cyrillic on the back says “Blessed on the Holy Mountain of Athos in the year of 1888.”


Technique & Material: Tempera on wooden panel with two pegs on the back
Age and School: c. 1800, Ukrainian school – [the Latin and soft way of painting icons, very different form the Greek style of painting with the harder lines – wv]
Measurements: 52 cm x 73.5 cm (20 1/2 in x 29 in )
Condition: Very good condition, minor mostly repaired vertical cracks, minor damage to the top border, minor professional restoration.
Authenticity: This item is guaranteed to be genuine Russian Imperial era object and NOT a new reproduction.

I always wonder how these icons end up in commercial hands and how they found their way outisde Athos. I hope that when the last Ukrain monk died somewhere between 1960-1970, someone took care of their belongings and their icons…… We only found their clothes and passports in 1986…………….

Detail of the iconostasis

Wim, 27/3

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