341 – A new CD with Athos music, made in Metoki Ag. Nicolaos ?

By coincidence I found a on Belgian site a recent review (in Flamish) of a music CD composed by Jakobos Aghiografos.
The monk Jakobos is a busy guy. He does not only compose music, but he is the one who in 2004 reinhabited and rebuild, after a fire 25 years ago, the metoki (or metochi) of Ag. Nikolaos.
Metoki Ag. Nicolaos – 2005
And he is also making a sweet red wine for religious purposes, and the first bottles should be ready for sale after the harvest of 2007 ! On his site you can see how he prepared the soil with a bulldozer. He also planning to make honey and grow olives.

This farmhouse of Nicolas was earlier mentioned in nr 272.

The new map of Zwerger doesn’t show where the metoki is, but if you have a look at the old map of Loch you will find it between Thebais and Sografou, near The Three Brethren Rocks and Monoxylites.
Don’t skip this story that you can find on www.saintnicolas.gr . It tells you about an encounter with the Panaghia in september 1976.

Fish is prepared for the opening of the metoki in 2005 – who is father, Jakobos himself ?

If you want to buy the CD, see this info: http://www.saintnicolas.gr; mobile: XX30 694 277 0899; Jakobos Aghiografos GR-63075 Uranupoli (Greece) – P.O. Box n. 2084.
Wim, 31-1

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  1. Vasilis says:

    For those who are in Greece (Athens):Exhibition: The Educational Foundation of the National Bank of Greece hosts an exhibition on “Mt Athos in Greek Art,” at the Eynardos Mansion. The exhibition will be open Tuesdays-Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Tuesdays-Thurdays 6 to 8 p.m. Until March 23. There are some 180 exhibits -paintings, engravings, books- by 43 artists of the 19th century. Some of them belong to Athos Picture Gallery of Simonos Petra Monastery, some to the National Bank Cultural Foundation and others to private collections.

  2. Fremaki says:

    I’m interested in all kind of maps of Athos : could you make a good detailled scan of the Loch’s map and post it here (if possible in several “slices” so that we could reconstruct it on a greater scale) ?
    Thanks !

  3. Catalin Ioan says:

    Unfortunately our very good brother Jakobos Aghiografos passed away last week totally unexpected! All that you’ve met him you can pray for his soul to receive blessing and forgiveness in front of Our Lord Jesus Christ so as to be saved!
    He will be forever in our souls, thoughts and prayers!

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