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1485 – How things change…..?

Dionysiou by Fred Boissonnas in 1928-30 and in 2013 by hv. Kavsokalivia 20th century and in 2013 Sk Andreou, before the large church was build (1900) and in 2013 Detail of the ruined part of Sk. Andreou (2013) hv

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365 – Fred Boissonnas 1928 – 1930

Frédéric Boissonas (1858-1944) travelled in 1928 and 1930 to Greece and made photo’s on the holy mountain. This looks like St. Basil (Ag. Vasiliou) near Chilandariou. Arsanas Ag.Pavlou. Thanks Giannis. More arsanas here. This is the entrance of Philotheou. Giannis … Continue reading

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