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1809 – hike from Maroudá to Skiti Andreou

After a brief visit to Maroudá we had to return to Skiti Andreou, where we would spend the night. Soon after we left the kellion, the Protos of the Holy Epistasia, Father Paul, visited the kellion, as we found out later. … Continue reading

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1944 – Maroudá, crosses and chants

The special and intimate place called Maroudá is described on this website many times and extensively by Wim (see the following posts: 1789, 1801, 1802, 1805 and 1809). It was our first encounter there. We were welcomed by some pilgrims … Continue reading

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1759 – A morning walk to the ruins of the Athonite Academy. Day one, part two.

A large group of pilgrims just arrived at the guesthouse and we didn’t want to interfere or wait for hospitality after our wobbly boat trip. So we took a quick Greek coffee from a coffee machine in the old guesthouse … Continue reading

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1111 – Athonite academy

On our trip in 2009 I saw for the first time the 18th century ruins of the Athonite Academy close to Vatopedi. This school was intended to become the principal centre for higher education for all Greek speaking people . … Continue reading

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231 – Athos album 1928

With a rare image of the Athonite school. This could be the ruins of the Athonite Academy near Vatopedi. The school started roundabout 1750 and had in the early years students from the neigbouring countries, Italy and Russia. It counted … Continue reading

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