1809 – hike from Maroudá to Skiti Andreou

After a brief visit to Maroudá we had to return to Skiti Andreou, where we would spend the night. Soon after we left the kellion, the Protos of the Holy Epistasia, Father Paul, visited the kellion, as we found out later. Jan Paul ten Bruggencate send me these pictures of this visit:

Andreou - Marouda - short routeWe started our hike at the gate of Maroudá (nr 1 at the map below). This time we took the short route over a monopati, instead of the long walk over the dirt road on our outward hike to the kellion.Marouda - Andreou fotoskopieDSCN6931 (Large)The parking, where the monopati starts.DSCN6939 (Large)Not far from Maroudá we passed this kelli called Kimisis Theotokou – Molyvokklisia (nr 2 on the map above), with vines growing above us.DSCN6937 (Large)DSCN6938 (Large)Above the front door: a painting of the Panaghia with the child Jesus and the Saints Savvas and Simeon. DSCN6940 (Large)The resident(s) were not there, but they made sure to earn some extra money by presenting these goods in this case (just like farmers do in the countryside).DSCN6941 (Large)DSCN6942 (Large)DSCN6943 (Large)DSCN6944 (Large)Here (at nr 3 on the map above), the monopati turns in a dirt road for a short distance.DSCN6947 (Large)Soon after the monopati stops definitively. Beware, it is not difficult to miss this sign and the monopati: it starts just after leaving the main road (20 meters, on your left hand) .DSCN6946 (Large)And finally you arrive on the main road between Dafni and Karyes again.DSCN6948 (Large)Signs near Skiti Andreou (nr 4 at the map above).

Wim, 29-4

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