2249 – the Dafni building complex of Simonospetras – part 2

In part 1 of this post (2248) I showed you the exterior and interior of the Church of All Saints. In this post we wil take a closer look at some of the other buildings, starting with the building that is called the Papayiannis building. This is the traditional Simonopetras Overseer’s House, which after renovation will be used for pilgrim accommodation.

Nr 2 the Papayiannis building – credits simonopetrafoundation.org

This is how this building looks like seen from the road (situation in October 2019):

In the background on the right: the Papayiannis building. In the foreground the church of All Saints in construction cloths and on the left house nr 4 with a water tap and flowers named “Cognac” (see the plan below). I do not know why this house is named after a French brandy?.
Behind the olive tree: the stairs that lead to the entrance of the Papayiannis building
Inside the Papayiannis building: choir stalls from the Church that lies next door. The passage to the stairs is closed.
The Papayiannis building: a hallway with different furniture
The Papayiannis building: work in progress in a room with icons, a printer (?) in plastic, multiple frames, buckets, books and a bookcase and a fire extinguisher
A small balcony in a corner between the Papayiannis building (nr2) and the lumber storage (nr 3)
Seen from the other side: The Papayiannis building. In the background you can see blue car, which also can be seen in the next photo
In a small alley opposite of the Church of All Saints (at nr 4 on the plan below)
Credits: simonopetrafoundation.org
Building nr 6: the lumber laborer’s building
This is the same building, but then drawn in its future shape, taken from the simonopetrafoundation.org website

And on the drawing below an artist impression of the complete Simonospetras building complex, as it should look like when the funds are collected and the renovations completed.

The future situation of the Dafni building complex?

This ends the posts I made during and of my 2019 Athos pilgrimage. Hopefully next week I will get new content to share with you.

Leaving Dafni October 4th 2019: a thunderstorm threathens the port and ferry
A goodbye to Athos
and Panteleimonos
but with the happy face of Anna in Ouranopolis (for a good breakfast and cold beer at Maria’s Isalos bar/restaurant. The restaurant used to lie next the ferry ticket office, that in present days has been moved further down the boulevard of Ouranopolis).

Tomorrow I will leave for my 14th pilgrimage to Athos, and from next Sunday the 25th of September I will go to Dafni together with the Footpath team of the FoMA, where a 4-wheel drive car will be waiting for us to bring us to Vatopedi. I will keep you informed about developments with new posts !

Wim Voogd, 20-9-2022

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  1. Ερρίκος says:

    Veel plezier Wim! Grt Erik Wolbers

  2. info10d8f683559 says:

    Dear Wim Voogd, I’m very interested with your experiences joining the path clearing team, I would like to participate another year. My last visit to Mount Athos was in 2019. Ruud Verkerk

    • athosweblog says:

      Hello Ruud, if you are member of the FoMA you have enlist yourself for next year and see if they a have possibility to join. I think there is a waitinglist, but it is worth to try!
      Groet, Wim

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