2222 – new Athos documentary expected soon: Where are you, Adam? 

On Youtube you can see the official trailer of an Ukraine documentary (1h 20 min), made by director Alexander Zaporoshchenko and produced by Alexander Pliska. The project started in 2005 in Docheiariou monastery, with the blessing of the now deceased gérontas Grigórios and ended in 2019. The release of the film was planned for this summer in Eastern Europe, but because of COVID-19 the movie’s premiere is delayed until this authemn. When the premiere in the West will follow is uncertain, because until now they did not find any distributor who is interested (but the trailer is also in Dutch !). We will follow the developments.

Read more about the film here, IMDb rating.

Wim Voogd, 26/10 (thanks to Vasílis on Facebook)

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2 Responses to 2222 – new Athos documentary expected soon: Where are you, Adam? 

  1. Orthodox Survey says:

    Unfortunately many tales being spoken but author only prolonges postpones of the movie cast. Myself wrote to the author – no reply. It seems the someone wants to raise people’s attention maybe ? Anywhere even 50% of the seats but you can watch the movie….Strange isn’t it? Sometimes too good becomes a little bit off the topic.

  2. Tina says:

    Regarding further release, according to the filmmaker I read in his YT reply, “At the moment, the film is in the box office in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In other countries, it is not possible to arrange screenings due to lockdown. The film will appear online after the end of the release in cinemas. Thank you for your attention to our film, and we hope for your understanding of the situation, which is not our fault”.

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