2214 – Athos by monk Theodosios: Black and White

This post continues the series of pictures from monk Theodosios, started in post 2208: today I have made a selection of his finest black and white photos.

Mount Athos and lightning-struck tree and moon: 05-04-2006 by Theodosios
A water drop in spiders web by Theodosios
Autumn Forest: 01-01-2000 by Theodosios
Window with flowers and a clock by Theodosios
A desk with books by Theodosios
Monks on the pier spreading Holy Water by Theodosios
Monk in Katholicon by Theodosios
Mega Sabbato in Simonos Petras: 14-04-2012 by Theodosios
Patriarch Batholomew from Constantinople by Theodosios

Wim Voogd, 11-8-2021

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