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2214 – Athos by monk Theodosios: Black and White

This post continues the series of pictures from monk Theodosios, started in post 2208: today I have made a selection of his finest black and white photos. Wim Voogd, 11-8-2021

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2025 – The official point of view of the Russian Orthodox Church about Mount Athos

This is what Metropolitan Hilarion, head of the Moscow Patriarchate department for external church relations of the Russian Orthodox Church has to say about Mount Athos in an interview with the BBC on the 17th of October 2018: –  After … Continue reading

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2024 – Russian Orthodox Church: Mount Athos closed to Russian pilgrims?

Breaking news today: the Russian Orthodox Church has broken ties with Orthodoxy’s leader Bartholomew and says Mount Athos is now closed to Russian Orthodox Christians from RussiaBartholomew October 7th 2011 on the pier in Ouranopolis – foto Wim Voogd Ukraine secured approval … Continue reading

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1406 – Patriarch Bartolomew and President Viktor Yanukovych

In october 2011 there were rumors in the bars of Ouranoupolis that maybe President Putin would visit Mount Athos again. So we made fun about it. But it turned out to be that other distinguished guests planned a visit: The … Continue reading

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726 – The story of Esfigmenou by Tom Whipple

The tale of the Esphigmenou monks is one that should exist only in the pages of a Dan Brown thriller. Divided from the Orthodox establishment by a theological disagreement, and living in an isolated monastic peninsula, they are fighting a … Continue reading

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544 – Patriarch Bartholomew

Bartholomew here with the pope. The head of the Orthodox church is visiting Athos today. This is how a friend of the Esfigmenou monastery is reacting on this visit: MONDAY, AUGUST 18, 2008 Patriarch Bartholomew on a war path UPDATE: … Continue reading

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