2116 – historical photographs of Karyes courtyards

The last two photographs in the previous post show us the small courtyard-garden that lies behind the shops/restaurant at the bus stop in Karyes.

Monk Theodosios shared a few historical pictures, with images of what can be the same spot:

thanks to father Theodosios Simonopetritis

If you merge the two photographs above you get this panorama view:

thanks to father Theodosios Simonopetritis

It is not clear when these photographs are made. The Protaton bell tower is clearly visible, but I cannot detect the old tower where the Tragos is kept and Holy Epistatia-building. On your right site of the picture you can see the ruins of a house, overgrown by plants. Behind it is a building with a small chimney, with two holes in it. Could this building has its front view on the main straat in Karyes? In the middle and on the left stones or building materials are visible, with an apparatus to lift stones. A man stands on the pile of stones. Behind him a staircase goes up. On the far left you can see a fence with a gate and large (fruit?) tree.

Are these photographs maybe from the time before the construction of the current Holy Epistatia?

Thanks to father Theodosios Simonopetritis: house of the Brotherhood “Ioasafaion”. Photograph by Monk Ioasaf -1950. Scan from an old contact. Two monks look down through the windows.

This another historical photograph from Karyes, yet of another courtyard, that lies behind of the Karyes’ streets. This house is of the Brotherhood “Ioasafaion” and is made by brother Ioasaf himself in approx. 1950.

Cuville 1918

Could the courtyards as shown above be found behind this building near the contemporary bus stop and where all the shops are nowadays?

Cuville 1918: The bell tower and ‘Tragos’ tower (without the Holy Epistatia building)
Old picture of the main street in Karyes: date unknown

Main street Karyes: on top of the buildings on the left you see similar chimneys – with two holes in it -, compared to the chimney on the 2nd picture of this post. My opinion is: the courtyard in the first photograph must be behind these buildings on the left.

Wim Voogd, 13-3

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5 Responses to 2116 – historical photographs of Karyes courtyards

  1. Japetus says:

    It seems to me that the photo is of the building that was in the place of the current ‘Iera epistasia’ one, as seen from the back. It was the place the ottoman governor used to stay..

    • Vasílis says:

      Yes, Japetus, I think You’re right. The distance from the garden to the tower on the first picture seems to me too close. See the distance on the color photo with the red arrow in post 2115. You may see (parts of) the old tower left on the first picture above, behind the tree.

      • Japetus says:

        Yes, the roof of Protaton church can be seen at the back and at the left of the picture, a small part of the tower can be seen. The new building incorporated the tower at its side.

  2. Japetus says:

    The kelion of Ioasafaion is the one at the left as you look from the bus station next to the one of your previous article of agios georgios kalathas. The photo is from the back of the building. The actual brotherhood of Ioasafaion has since moved to another keli at Karyes.

  3. Germanus says:

    The main road from Daphni to Karyes was destroyed! Here, the news via “orthodox christianity” – a beautiful gift: no casualities. View the post: https://orthochristian.com/130005.html.

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