2080 – Exploring Vatopediou

A monk approaches an abundant circular bed of fallen crimson flowers under the Camellia in the courtyard of Vatopediou.

The monastery has got a rather large central square that is – unlike most squares – not levelled out but ascends to the guestrooms. It is a beautiful internal space.

A fruit tree blossoming in the cobblestone terraces as seen from the guestrooms. The stones were still wet from the previous raindrops. The colourful, red and blue, bay windows on the top floors of the monks quarters stand out. In the far corner is the icon making workshop, that we never visited.

On the left we see the bell tower.

An interesting perspective looking down on the rooftops , from the high mediaeval stone path behind the crenels.

The main medieval tower of the monastic complex.

A more detailed view of the architecture. The pine trees rise from the hill behind the walls.

Another perspective on the tilted square that reminds me of terraces.

The second tower, the Byzantine bell tower built in 1427. The only Byzantine bell tower on Mount Athos. Much more slender than the first one.

After dinner we had a rather long and interesting conversation with a friendly, intelligent monk.

Wim showed earlier the special Vatopediou app, that can be downloaded for IPad.

Bas Kamps

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