2040 – the hike from Konstamonitou to Docheiariou

I am probably one of the worst pathfinders you can find. Our plan was to hike to Docheiariou and try to walk over as many monopati’s as possible. With the new map of Peter Holworth in our rucksack we left from Konstamonitou. A monk told us just before leaving that is was very easy to find a monopati leading to Docheiariou: “No problem”, he said.

Walking the (boring) dirt road instead of a monopati

Well, this turned out quit different: only the last few hundred meters, with Docheiariou in sight, we finally found the monopati that we had been looking for. But in hindsight it would not have been easy to find the right track and I think there is a huge job to be done for the Footpath team of the Friends of Mount Athos this year!

Let me show what happened, but first a picture of more than 10 beehives of Konstamonitou, along the dirt road leading to the sea/the arsanas.

Just outside Konstamonitou, on the dirt road to the West

One of the most important things (when you don’t want to get lost immediately after starting your hike) is to find the correct path right away. We decided to take the dirt road, expecting that we would find a turn to monopati soon, but making that decision, we already made our first big mistake. Let’s first have look at a detail of the new map of Peter Howorth. 

If you look at the map it looks logical to follow the white road leading from the monastery to the coast. But you also can see black dotted line (a path) with a red color leading to the South and away from monastery going landinwards. This is the path that we should have chosen to walk monopati’s (but eventually it would have given us lots of troubles), but I’ll first show you the route we walked (see Wikiloc).

Konstamonitou – Docheiariou: 6,75 km 1 h. 37 min.
In the red ring on the map above: Analepseos you Kyriou “Sounion”, seen from the dirt road
Beautiful green valleys along the shore (looking to the North)

On the map below you can see where I took my photo’s:

a junction at point A with pilgrim Jitze
We continued the dirt road that went straight ahead, towards Docheiariou
The second junction at point B: turn to the right.
Point B: looking down at the sea and Docheiariou

Just before the solar power plant (point D) the dirt road makes a sharp turn:

But before going to see the solar energy panels we found this new garden (point C):

The road leading to the garden. We hoped to find a path that would lead us directly to monastery, but we couldn’t find one
Red peppers
solar energy for Docheiariou
In a corner of the solar power plant we found this path leading us further.
a small hut with a water pipe going to Docheiariou

The dirt road going down through a valley: we were still waiting to find the first traces of a monopati leading to the monastery…….

And than, finally, at point D, not a monopati, but a well kept kalderimi path appears! Here the camera points to the East: where does this path goes to?

The path leading from to the monastery to ….?

on the map below I drew a red line where according to me the kalderimi might lead to. Isn’t it beautiful job for the FoMA footpath team to find out if the monopati to Konstamonitou might still exist and can they maybe re-open it?

The possible route of the monopati with two question marks where they path seems to be overgrown?
The area near the power plant where the path might start
Photo shot at point F on the map above: Docheiariou comes in sight
The last few meters before arriving at the monastery, but more important: this is how to find the path on leaving the monastery!
This is where the kalderimi in Docheiariou starts
arriving at the monastery after almost two hours (1,5 h walking)
The roofs of buildings with a taxi boat passing by

Wim, 31/1

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2 Responses to 2040 – the hike from Konstamonitou to Docheiariou

  1. odiporos says:

    The path led from Dochiariou to the ridge from where you can continue to Karyes, Esfigmenou or Vatopedi. Only the first part is footpath and then when you cross the large road coming from Dochiariou you go right along the road (not straight up as you show in your sketch), as indicated by the red line in Holworth’s map. It is overgrown and there are signs (FoMa?) to deter hikers from following it, but it is still open (we walked it in October). Otherwise there is no other path from Kostamonitou to Dochiariou (apart from the coastal one).

  2. Dimitris B says:

    I prefer the route via Konstamonitou arsanas. It contains a long strech of footpath (from Konstamonitou to the olive groves above Konstamonitou’s arsanas). Then the route follows the costal tracks very close to the shore. This is the route FoMA recoments at its site (List of Mount Athos Footpaths with Conditions,Walking Times & Links to Descriptions and GPS Tracks). I strongly recomend to use the FoMA pathdescriptios as they are very detailed, updated and also contain gps tracks.

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