1780 – Athonian aqueducts

aquaduct simmonospetraThe most beautiful aqueduct on the Athos peninsula is the one that leads to the monastery of Simonaspetras.
barsky 1744 simoaspetras                                    guestroom simonospetra
The Russian pilgrim Barsky made a nice drawing in 1744 of the monastery and the aqueduct. On the right image the aqueduct seen from the inside of the monastery with the balcony of the guestroom in front.
simonaspetras and gregoriou
The aqueduct of Simonospetras seen from the ferry with Gregoriou on the foreground.
aquaduct pantocrator
Entering the Pantocratoros monastery and looking in the direction of Sk. Profitiou Eliou a small aqueduct appears. Athough I am not sure , I think it transported the water from the hills to the monastery.
aquaduct pantocrator detail
The Pantocratoros aqueduct in a small valley besides the dirtroad.barsky pantocratoros 1744In 1744 Barsky also saw this small waterway and he drew it on the exact spot were it is today.aquaduct academy
This aqueduct was the watersupplier for the Athonite Academy above Vatopedi. It is now in ruins.
aquaduct near vatopedi                                         acquaduct water
All these beautiful structures are not working anymore but in the case of this aquduct it is clear that the source is still supplying water because plastic pipes are doing the job now.
stavronikita aqueduct
The aqueduct of Stavronikita is perhaps the most stunning of them all.

1911; aqueduct leading to the kitchen of Chilandariou

A rather unknown aqueduct is the one in the vicinity of the Iviron monastery which I didn’t see for myself yet.

Herman Voogd,  text and photo’s

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