2032 – Women venerating icons on the tourist boat

There are a few tourist boats stationed in Ouranoupolis that sail along the Athos coast. Here is one in front of Xeropotamou monastery with the another tourist boat on the right. I was on board with my wife in the late summer of 2018.When we were close to Dionysiou monastery a small boat with two Athos Monks entered our tourist boat

The ship deck was cleared of chairs and tables and the monks came in with merchandise and icons.
Small icons and rosaries are on display and for sale.On the other side of the deck women were given the opportunity to venerate icons from the Dionysiou monastery. Veiled women are waiting to venerate the icons.After some time the ceremony was over and the little boat came back. In the background the Mountain and Paulou monastery.The monks entered their boat and sailed back to Dionysiou.And our tourist boat set sail back to Ouranoupolis.  

Herman Voogd

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3 Responses to 2032 – Women venerating icons on the tourist boat

  1. gerard koolschijn says:

    Thanks, Herman! Interesting view of Xeropotamou against the hills. Normally one passes closer by. The small expedition of the monks also a special thing!

  2. Martijn says:

    Is this a new development? Are all tourist boats serviced like this? I never heard of this before.

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