2014 – Doors and windows by Theodosios Simonopetritis

As a reaction on posts 2011 and 2012 where I showed photo’s of doors and windows, monk and photographer Theodosios Simonopetritis mailed us a very nice collection of doors and windows made by himself. Here the doors of the wine cellar of Zografou in 2005.
A door in the Romanian skiti of Prodromou by Theodosios Simonopetritis who is a permanent resident of Simonos Petras monastery.A iron door in a house in Karyes in 2003.The entrance with the green door of the large church in Old Rossikon (Paleo Monastiro) in 2005 before the renovation. The upper level of the tower of Morfonu (Amalfi) in 2006 with bricked windows.An abandoned Russian house in Karyes in 2006.Windows at the arsanas of Prodromou in 2004.The light falls in, a window at Prodromou in 2006.Probably the same windows as above in Prodromou in 2004.The wooden chapel at Old Rossikon (Paleo Monastiro) in 2005. 
The same Russian building.

All photographs by Theodosios Simonopetritis. Many thanks for sharing them with us.

Herman Voogd

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1 Response to 2014 – Doors and windows by Theodosios Simonopetritis

  1. Sean says:

    Wonderful collection of architectural details from Mt. Athos. Thanks for Posting.

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