2271 – after 400 years: a (second) new building in Karyes

The latest image of the new Samaradiko from Voria.gr

The Greek website Voria.gr tells us that this new building in Karyes is the second(!) modern building in 400 years, called Samaradiko and that belongs to Lavra, and that it is almost ready to be used. The name is taken from the former building that stood on this site until the late 1970s or early 1980s. Although the Lavra monastery tried to reconstruct it, “due to the conditions, the lack of infrastructure for its restoration and the general difficulties, this was not possible”.

The new building on September 27th 2022, still under construction

Completely in harmony with the atmosphere of the city and the special space in which it is located, next to the Church of Portaton and the cemetery, a multifunctional building has been realized.

On the upper floors there will be a hotel with 24 triple rooms – primarily for employees -, a restaurant-café (opening mid-July 2023), a physiotherapy practice, a shop with church articles, an optician’s shop. The 500 square meter supermarket is expected to be operational in the autumn.

photo 27-9-2023 by Wim Voogd

The number of employees is constantly increasing, over 1,000, due to the many projects that are running this year moment in the Orchard of Panagia, but also of the pilgrims. It is worth noting that according to data, the number of visitors tends to exceed 150,000 per year, making the need for accommodation and hospitality areas imperative.

I personally am happy to see that a new hotel opens its door in Karyes, because my only hotel experience in 1986 was’nt that good (a minus three star-rating). I wonder what the small shops in town think about the opening of a large supermarket…..

Wim Voogd, 10-7-2023, source voria.gr (thanks to Japetus, Betinos and Vasilis)

Epilogue: Japetis informed us that you also can book a room in Karyes in a building that belongs to Esfigmenou (not from the old brotherhood), ask for father Joseph (+30 6951.970910 or email moytafi@gmail.com). This building is behind the new building of the Civil Governement.

You can also book the room through this website of Moytafi Travel:

“The cell Moytafi Mount Athos: For the gentlemen visitors we offer the choice to spend time in the Holy Mountain in our cell that belongs to the Monastery of Esfigmenos in the new brotherhood of St. John the Russian”.  

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8 Responses to 2271 – after 400 years: a (second) new building in Karyes

  1. Japetus says:

    As it seems and considering the fact that the Holy Executive imposes strict restrictions on the shops that operate in Karyes regarding their (lack of) signs and the merchandise in front of their doors, the building will be the first ever athonite shopping centre / mall where from outside there will be nothing noticeable for the businesses running on the inside.

  2. Japetus says:

    Regarding a hotel, there is currently a new one running for several years now and operated by father Iosif at the cell behind the new building of Civil government that belongs to Esfigmenou, which even has its own registry at booking.com.

  3. Japetus says:

    A first glimpse at the new -luxurious as it seems- hotel and cafe-restaurant of the new building opposite Protaton.

    • athosweblog says:

      Thanks, it looks like a ‘real’ hotel, ad you can find everywhere in the world. But it I think it is an improvement if you need to stay a night in Karyes. I made some ‘still’s” to use for a new post on the weblog!

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  5. Japetus says:

    And finally, the big space at the basement of the establishment where a supermarket was intended to open, it has been revealed that it will be occupied by the ‘AB Vassilopoulos’ chain.

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