1884 – monasteries: the first five

lavra-airLavra, the first monastery in rank dating from 963. With the arsanas on the left. The photo’s are from 1970-80, I suspect.vatopediouVatopediivironIviron. The southwing is rebuild, the old bridge is still intact.
chilanderChilandariou, the Serb monastery, many years before the devasting fire of 2004.dionysiouDionysiou
Herman Voogd

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5 Responses to 1884 – monasteries: the first five

  1. Leo says:

    How to go and stay in mount athos for 2 week or so in London.

  2. Thomas says:

    Hello sir,

    My teenage son and I will visit in October. Only 2 nights. I am thinking perhaps Iviron and do you think we could hike all the way to Gregoriou from Iviron? It is my second trip to Mt. Athos. The first time was 20 years ago with a week spent in one monastery.

    My son would probably prefer a quieter, not so very big place. He doesn’t like busy places. We are Orthodox, and we are from Holland, although my country of origin is America.

    It’s a nice blog, I have been reading it on and off for several weeks!

    Best wishes,

    • athosweblog says:

      Dear Thomas,
      I would not recommend to walk from Iviron to Gregoriou if you are not that experienced. You will have to search for the right path and probably get lost sometimes. I walked with my teenage son on Athos and stayed on the westcoast. Spectacular, up and down, always the sea in sight, you won’t get lost. F.I. by boat via Dafni to SimonasPetras walk via Gregoriou to Dionysiou, sleep there, The next day to Paulou, sleep there, very quiet. If you have time, visit the same day the skitis of Nea Skiti and Ag, Anna. Leave the following day by taking the boat in the harbor of Paulou to Dafni and back to Ouranoupolis.
      If you have more questions , let me know. Het mag ook in het Nederlands.
      Herman Voogd

      • Thomas says:

        Bedankt Herman. Grigoriou en die kant zijn interessant voor mij. Ik ben er nog niet uit met beslissen. Enkele weken terug was het te laat voor S.P. want hun gastenlijst stond al vol. Ik heb een kaart besteld, en heb twee kloosters gefaxd (Grigoriou en Koutloumousiou) maar dat faxen gaat niet meer. Nu moet ik ze bellen. Al heel lang was ik geintereseerd in de Prophet Elias Skete. Nu zit ik tussen Koutloumousiou en Prophet Elias/of Stavronikita, en, Grigoriou-Dionysiou-Pavlos. Het beslissen en de weg vinden is de helft van het leuks denk ik!

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