1881 – Album du Mont Athos 1913

album-de-mont-athosA very nice photo album made by hieromonk Stephanou in 1913. A very complete account in photo’s of monasteries and sketes. Stephanou lived in a cell (kellion) in Karyes dedicated to the apostle Thomas:karyes-1913-thomasHere are some more photos from this album:kavsokalivia-posing-monks
It seems that all the monks of the Kafsokalivia skiti have been asked to pose for the photographer. dafni-1913The main harbour of the peninsula: Dafni with a large sailingship.bogoroditsa-windmillThe old Russian settlement of Bogoroditsa with a, now disappeard, typical Greek windmill on the hill.iviron-1912-bridgeFinally the Iviron monastery with high up the hill Karyes and in the foreground the large stone bridge over the river. iviron-old-and-new-bridgeThe middle part of the large stone bridge is no longer present in 2013, a new green bridge has replaced the old one.
For the complete Album du Mont Athos go to the very nice Athos Library site with many other books about the Holy Mountain, mainly in Greek.

 Herman Voogd

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