1814 – pictures from Vatopedi

On my ongoing search (on the internet) I found these pictures and plans of Vatopedi:

Vatopedi plattegrond01detailed plan of the monastery and its surrounding buildingsVatopedi old fotoold postcard from the courtyardVatopediou refectory old postcardpostcard trapeza (mixed with a courtyard picture?)010 Athos VatopediouVatopedi 1980 – with the blue color beneath the ancient marble tables (from the Studios monastery in Constantinople?) – foto Wim Voogdvatopediou refectorium 1

vatopediou refectorium 2

vatopedi trapezavatopedi trapeza 2

vatopedi efraim eatingAbbot EfraimVatopedi trapezaMore recent pictures of the trapeza (just before the meal starts, the blue color has changed into white)Vatopedi 1876engraving L’Illustration 14/10/1876vatopediou engraving monasteryengraving with ancient ships from the 16/17th century
Vatopediou 2Postcard from the boathouses and the monasteryVatopediou airealAerial VatopedivatopediVatopedi seen from the NorthVatopedioumodern postcard

Vatopedi_Monastery Monks and Skulls

Vatopediou ossuarium 11 jan 2005 2Vatopediou ossuarium 11 jan 2005vatopedi ossuarium 3vatopedi ossuarium 2vatopedi ossuarium 1

Vatopedi ossuary

The pictures below are from our Athos friend Jan Paul ten Bruggencate, who visited Vatopedi in 1967.027 Vatopediou029 Vatopediou030 VatopediouThe trapeza (look at the ruined wing on the right).031 Vatopediou Trapeza032 Vatopediou trapeza035 Vatopediou.jpg037 Vatopediou028 VatopediouHere, again, the old situation of the ruined East wing to be seen (left from the bell tower). Today this part of the wing is completely renewed.025 Vatopediou024 VatopediouVatopedi entrance – all pictures from Jan Paul ten Bruggencate

Wim Voogd, 14/5


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  1. alex says:

    The penultimate picture is arsana of St. Basil’s skete.

  2. athosweblog says:

    Dear Alex, you’re correct, I removed them and replaced them for some others!

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