1813 – Athos: a new film and a new book

Now (Sept. 2019) the film is also available with English subtitles on You Tube:

Our reader Vasilis discovered this new documentary about Athos, that is to be released the day after tomorrow (13/5) in Vienna – Austria (Stadtkino im Kuenstlerhaus) and will be shown in German cinema from June 23th.

Here is the trailer:

On the Facebook site you will see some more previews: Skiti Profitou Eliou with the archontaris Father Filimon, different places, like the harbor Dafni, are filmed by a drone and Father Epifanios in the Mylopotamos vineyard – all in Greek with German subtitles.

I hope we will be able to see this movie in Holland of other countries… for more pictures look here.

The book

The new book is in English and is called: “Holy Men of Mount Athos”, about the life of five holy men who once lived on Athos, edited and translated Richard Greenfield and Alice-Mary Talbot.

holy men of Mount Athos 2016

Published by Harvard University Press, ISBN 13: 9780674088764

“Often simply called the Holy Mountain, Mount Athos was the most famous center of Byzantine monasticism and remains the spiritual heart of the Orthodox Church today. This volume presents the Lives of Euthymios the Younger, Athanasios of Athos, Maximos the Hutburner, Niphon of Athos, and Philotheos. These five holy men lived on Mount Athos at different times from its early years as a monastic locale in the ninth century to the last decades of the Byzantine period in the early fifteenth century. All five were celebrated for asceticism, clairvoyance, and, in most cases, the ability to perform miracles; Euthymios and Athanasios were also famed as founders of monasteries. Holy Men of Mount Athos illuminates both the history and the varieties of monastic practice on Athos, individually by hermits as well as communally in large monasteries. The Lives also demonstrate the diversity of hagiographic composition and provide important glimpses of Byzantine social and political history.

All the Lives in this volume are presented for the first time in English translation, together with authoritative editions of their Greek texts.”

Wim Voogd, 11/5

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  1. Dina says:

    Thanks for this welcome information!
    I notice that the Vienna https://www.erzdioezese-wien.at/site/home/nachrichten/article/50411.html says “Die Österreich-Premiere der vom ORF koproduzierten Doku “Athos – Im Jenseits dieser Welt” findet am Donnerstag, 12. Mai, im Wiener “Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus” statt.”
    So I think it is tomorrow, the premiere (and not May 13).

  2. Jitze says:

    Father Filimon!!

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