1632 – Skiti Xenofontos – the forgotten skete

Very seldom pilgrims take the effort to visit the “forgotten” Skiti Xenofontos, that’s why I decided to have a look. I got a big surprize, because in stead of an old and ruined settlement I found an almost totally renovated skete, which probably will inhabited again soon and maybe even pilgrims will get a chance of staying there in the near future!

DSCN4843 (Large)Xenofontos

So my first goal on Monday 1st of September was a visit to Skiti Xenofontos. “Nobody is living there”, said a monk in Xenofontos to me and he looked surprized when I told him we would go there anyway. This is the road we took, starting at 11.45 h.:

xenofontos - skiti xeonfontos

xenofontos - skiti xenofontos ZwergerDetail of the old Zwerger map from 1980: at that time only paths led to the skiti, today it is only dirt roads going there.

IMG_2436Behind this small house, from Xenofontos monastery, a path goes up that leads to a dirt road

DSCN4847 (Large)Here the path meets the the dirt road, with the monastery on the background

DSCN4848Here a sign pointing back to Xenofontos and to Karyes and skiti Evaggelismou = Annunciation, the other / Greek name for Skiti Xenofontos

DSCN4849Another sign along the road, pointing to a path going up the hill, leading to kelliou Profitou Daniel

xenofontos nikonThe high-lighted pin in the middle is the spot where I shot the next picture, with an ruined kellion


DSCN4851 (Large)Here the road curves to landinwards

DSCN4852 (Large)The first houses of Skiti Xenofontos appear

DSCN4853 (Large)Looking back over the valley called “Rema” towards the coast and Silouan mill (just in front of the boat)

IMG_2435This picture is shot a few days later, from the boat: left the brigde that leads to Panteleimonos, behind it the Silouan mill and in the far left up the hill, Skiti Xenofontos

DSCN4854 (Large)A small kellion with a water reservoir, belonging to skiti Xenofontos

DSCN4855 (Large)The same house in detail

DSCN4856 (Large)Arriving at the central buildings of the skiti (after one hour, 12.45 h.), with a tower and church and several houses, which were all inhabited, but recently renovated!

DSCN4858 (Large)

DSCN4857 (Large)The tower and katholicon

DSCN4860 (Large)Details of the church

The church was build in 1902:DSCN4862 (Large)

DSCN4859 (Large)and this window in 1909

DSCN4867 (Large)The church was closed and there was nobody to let me in, so I peeped through the windows

DSCN4868 (Large)

DSCN4869 (Large) Beautiful marble floors, but no decorations/murals on the walls

DSCN4866 (Large)The backside of the katholicon

DSCN4861 (Large)The tower

DSCN4863 (Large)and the tower is exactly dated: 20 March 1896

DSCN4871 (Large)The restoration is still in progress, with the help the European Union


DSCN4872 (Large)Inside this building: an olive oil press

DSCN4875 (Large)Behind the house: large earthenwere vessels

DSCN4874 (Large)Workmen were busy fixing the roof

DSCN4870 (Large)Amidst the new tiles for the roof: an old Toyota van

DSCN4873 (Large)Up the hill: more houses belonging the skete

DSCN4876 (Large)Leaving the skete and looking back towards the sea. We resumed our hike to Skiti Profitou Eliou, next time more pictures of this trip!

Wim, 4/10

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