1551 – Esfigmenou: the ossuary

18 Esfigmenou surroundings detailkopieWhen you leave the monastery and go West, you will first pass the gardens

DSCN2311 (Large)Here is picture of the gardens, shot towards the East. On the plan below you see buildings M5 (general store). The three buildings with the Psi are boat houses. 18 Esfigmenou gardens and ossuaryOmega on the map is the cemetaryDSCN2310 (Large)An old bridge crosses a small brook, nowadays overgrown with vegetation.

DSCN2373 (Large)The entrance to the graveyard: behind the wooden fence you see the chapel of the Dormation of the Mother of God (Koimisi Theotokos – pi on the map)

DSCN2372 (Large)View from the cemetary: the gardens and the monastery

DSCN2360 (Large)The graves and the chapel: on this spot a few weeks later the abbot of the monastery was buried

DSCN2361 (Large) DSCN2362 (Large)

Esfigmenou graf Chrysostomou 3 okt 2013Soon after our visit to Esfigmenou the Abbot Christosomou of the monastery died and was burried here (photo thanks to Kelliotes)

The next pictures are from the interior of the building behind the chapelDSCN2364 (Large) DSCN2366 (Large) The bones of deceaced monks are kept in plastic bagsDSCN2367 (Large)

The ossuaryDSCN2369 (Large)

DSCN2370 (Large)

DSCN2371 (Large)Wim, 23/5

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