1552 – earthquake nearly hits Athos

aardbeving 24-05-2014

This afternoon at 12.25 an earthquake hit 4.2 km SSW of Samothrace, 41.9 km NE of Lemnos with 6.3 on the Richter-scale, followed by another at 12.45 with force 3.3 and some aftershocks of magnitude 4.6. The earthquake happened in the North Anatolian Fault, where in the past heavy earthquakes took place with a magnitude of 7.2.

The earthquake was felt on the Holy Mountain and there have been reports of some damage, according this blog.


Some aftershocks from the 6.3 earthquake near the Holy Mountain

Wim, 24/5

earthquake 29 mei 2014More vibrations in the earth near the mountain today:

4.2 on the Richter scale at 9.00

3.2 on the Richter               9.41
3.7 on the Richter               9.42
3.7 on the Richter              11.13
3.4 on the Richter              11.16
3.6 on the Richter              11.39
3.4 on the Richter              13.26

Professor of Geophysics Papazachou Costas says : “The most likely is that this earthquake will have forgotten in a few days .”

Wim, 29/5

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