1521 – more old postcards

postcard athos mountain RussianMount Athos: G. Bader Solonique

postcard Athos St Nicolas 1909Karyes: The cell of St. Nicholas Burazeri (also see 1287)


Ship Elli near the arsanas of Vatopediou 1923

Photo arsanas Lavra - SHIP ELLI 2 1923

Ship Elli 1923 arsanas Lavra

Photo Kafsokalivia - SHIP ELLI 3 1923

Ship Elli 1923 Kafsokalivia

postcard ouranopolis  1Ouranopolis beach

postcard ouranopolis 2Ouranopolis pier/boat

postcard ouranopolis 3Ouranopolis tower

postcard live on athosAthos life

postcard Limnos with mount AthosAthos peak seen from Limnos

postcard Ouranopolis towerArsanas Koutloumousiou/Kaliagra

Wim, 10/3

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