1454 – Kavsokalivia 2013


The ferry (Skiti Anna) from Dafni ends his route at the skiti of Kavsokalivia on the south tip under Mount Athos itself. Om this picture you see the pier and the black arch in the rocks of the boathouse.

kavso 1960In 1960 a nice picture was made of this boathouse carved in the solid rock. A small boat with visiting monks and a few pilgrims is just coming ashore. Probably the photographer has chartered a monk to sit onder the arch for a better image.    kavso met boot

A couple of days ago (23th september 2013) we started our Athos 2013 trip in Kavsokalivia where I made this foto. I could not avoid photographing a monk who didn’t not wanted to be photographed who kept his hand for his head because I wanted to make the same picture as above: Monks entering the harbour by boat. But in this case the Skiti Anna ferry has already started his way back to Dafni.                                                                        kavso met ezel This picture is almost taken from the same position as the the black and white one of 1960.


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