1369 – Skiti Anni 2011

05-10 Skiti Anni 34gjOne of the most beautiful sleeping rooms on Athos: Skiti Anne (this time without half naked men)

05-10 Skiti Anni 33gjSkiti Anni: the entrance door and the terrace, with a kiosk

05-10 Skiti Anni 37gjSkiti Anni: the terrace, the semantron and a fountain

IMG_8767Leaving the skiti towards the arsanas: mules being packed

IMG_8769Chapels and buildings surround the skiti

IMG_8771A kelli on the the other side of the valley

IMG_8772aSkiti Anni: the arsanas

IMG_8772cthe mules near harbor buildings

06-10 13 Arsanas skiti Anni

Nice shoes?


Nice rugsack !(-old clothes)


Wim, 17/4

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2 Responses to 1369 – Skiti Anni 2011

  1. Emil says:

    Hello, did you ever tried to phone them at Skiti Agia Anna and ask for hospitality? I have called them and they say that don’t speak English, only Greek… Does it worth to send them a fax using the FoMA bilingual templates instead? Thanks

  2. athosweblog says:

    Dear Emil,
    unfortunately we experienced the same problem with Agia Anna last year. Every time I called to make a reservation the monk told me that he didn’t speak English and he just hang up!! The only thing that remains is sending a fax using the FOMA template (or go to Nea Skiti instead).
    Best regards, Wim Voogd

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