1368 – Sleeping in monasteries and skites.

s mylopo

Mylopotamos, very nice room with a view on the sea. Great sunrise in the morning. My brother Wim in the early morning. 2009

s vatop

Vatopedi, watch the heater. Friend Jaap is getting to bed. In 2009.

s pante

Panteleimonos,  large sleeping room, app. 50 men in one room, 3 Dutchmen the rest Russians, symphonie of snoring. Pelgrims Bas en Jacques take five. In 2011.

s anna

Skiti Anna, beautiful room, resting after a climb to the top of Mount Athos and back in one day, pretty exhausted but full of stories. In the middle friend Bas and my brother Wim Voogd in 2011


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