1353 – Ouranoupolis seen from Chromitsa

Chromitsa is the first settlement om Mount Athos which you will encounter if you pass the border by land. Entering Athos by land is not allowed but our group was invited by the vineyards of Tsantali for a quick visit.  In front you see the vineyards, below not visible is the Mount Athos border. The village is the town of Ouranoupolis with the Phosfori tower where the boat leaves for Dafni.

athos 2011 358 klein

The Phosfori Tower in 2011. On the sign a protest against plans  for golddigging in the Chalkidiki region.  People fear that by digging for gold the environment will be polluted.

athos 2011 380 klein

The settlement of Chromitsa with on the left the chapels and buildings were still some monks live. The grey building next to the vineyard is an old Russian hospital wich is renovated by wine company Tsantali and were you can taste their wines if you are invited.

from phosfori tower to Chromitsa

This photo is taken from the Phosfori tower in Ouranoupolis in the direction of Chromitsa. Somewhere left on the hills the rooftops of Chromitsa are visible (not on this image)

athos 2011 375 klein

Also seen from Chromitsa the island of Amouliani.


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