1350 – Drawings from a sketchbook by Mary Newbold Singer Sargent

mary sargent

This drawing is made in 1904 by Mary Newbold Singer Sargent (1826–1906).   She was an amateur artist but the mother of the famous American painter John Singer Sargent. This sketchbook is in the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

marysargent 2

She even sketched the monasteries from a distance from a boat but of course could never enter the Holy Mountain. She must have down some homework to get the names right. She obviously was interested  although she was already in her eighties at the time she drew these images. In the sketchbook there are more drawings of places in Greece such as Patras and Corfu.

mary sargent 3

The location of this last drawing is unknown to me.  You see monks (in black) waiting on the pier. Could it be the first buildings of the monastery Panteleimonos? Who can help me?


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