1270 – the Konaki of Karyes (part 2)

Let’s resume our walk through Karyes. In post 1269 I ended the tour with a picture of two large buildings (nr 50 and 51), belonging to Chilandariou. On this map post 1269 starts at nr 1, today we start at nr 2, and have a we’ll have a closer look at six Konaki. Karyes konaki route 2
03-10 Karyes the old tower with the tragosFirst I walked behind the building of the Holy Epistatia (4) and old tower (3), where the Tragos (the “Magna Carta” of Athos) is kept. On the bachground the bell-tower (2) of the Protaton church (1). I continued and crosses the main straat arriving at building 14, the Konaki of Filotheou. 03-10 Karyes konaki 8 Filotheou 14
Konaki Filotheou 03-10 Karyes konaki 7 Filotheou door14
According to this inscription the building is relatively new and build in 1965 03-10 Karyes konaki 9 Filotheou 14
Konaki Filotheou seen from another angle, with the bookshop and the old tower in the background. I continued walking South, in the direction of nr 23, the Konaki of Esfigmenou. Just before this building are newly renovated large complex showed up, that is not mentioned on any map I have.

03-10 Karyes konaki 11 builing near 23
Newly renovated buildings just before nr 23 03-10 Karyes konaki 10 building near Esfigmenou 23
Maybe this could it be a new Konaki of a monastery, because, as you can see on the pictures below, the building of Esfigmenou seems to be in very poor condition: 03-10 Karyes konaki 13 Esfigmenou 23
Konaki Esfigmenou (nr 23) 03-10 Karyes konaki 12 Karakalou 22
On the opposite side of the street: the Konaki of Karakalou (nr 22) 03-10 Karyes konaki 15 street near Xenofontos 29
And then, at a junction of two roads, you can see the Konaki of Xenofontos (29), on the road leading back to the Protaton-square. 03-10 Karyes konaki 14 Xenofontos 29
Konaki Xenofontos: everything looks freshly renovated and building is still in progress. 03-10 Karyes konaki 16 fence Xenofontos 29
The gate to the Xenofontos Konaki 03-10 Karyes konaki 31 church Xenofontos  29
Konaki Xenofontos: the church 03-10 Karyes konaki 16 Vatopedi 24
If you follow the road to the South it leads to the large – but nearly ruined – Konaki of Vatopedi (24). A strange thing for such a rich monastery!03-10 Karyes konaki 43 Vatopediou 24  Konaki Vatopedi03-10 Karyes konaki 27 Docheiariou 25And a little bit further down the road the Konaki of Docheiariou (25).03-10 Karyes konaki 26 Docheiariou 25Konaki Docheiariou03-10 Karyes konaki 17 Docheiariou building 25 with stoneA stone plaquette in the wall of Konaki Docheiariou03-10 Karyes konaki 18 stone in wall Docheiariou 25A (unsharp) detail of the stone with a text from 192403-10 Karyes konaki 29 Kelli Koutloumousiou building 28On this road you will find building 28, kelli Koutloumousiou03-10 Karyes konaki 30 buildings 29 and 26The road leading back to Konaki Xenofontos (29) and building 26.03-10 Karyes konaki 28 kelli Lavra 26When you turn to the right taking the road leading outside town you’ll find building 26, a kelli from Lavra.

This ends the survey of the group of Konaki in the South East part of Karyes. The Konaki of Dionysiou, Grigoriou and Lavra lie further down the road and are not on the map. I was not able to go find them this time, because they were too far away. Next time I wil show you the remaining five Konaki in the south West part and some other buildings.

Wim, 5/2

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3 Responses to 1270 – the Konaki of Karyes (part 2)

  1. Hans Overduin says:

    The official Esfigmenou is housed in the konaki of that monastery in Karyes (the original monastery at the NE seashore is cursed as heretical). Maybe the new buildings near the konaki house the official monastery. Maybe any reader can confirm this.

  2. Hans Overduin says:

    Well, I can answer my own question and confirm it. I just found in my archive a digital photo from 2009 on which they are building the very building you photographed.
    The accompaning text told it is the new, official Esphigmenou.
    Wim, if you want the picture, please tell me how to upload it, e.g. to your email-address.

  3. Vasílis says:

    Hans, indeed you are right. On the picture you see also, besides the window left, the ‘cornerstone’ with inscription.

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