1201 – Stavronikita (day 3 – 27)

I had it all planned: before arriving at our final destination Pantocratros that day, I wanted to visit Kaliagra, the harbour of Koutloumousiou, where long before Ouranopolis even excisted, all Athos-pilgrims used to arrive. As I told in post 1200 we were lucky to get a free ride from Simonospetras to Dafni, and soon after we could take the regular bus to Karyes.

IMG_3636 Karyes kellion 
near Karyes – a kellion 

From Karyes we took a taxi to Iviron, and I thought of leaving the car just before arriving at Iviron, so we could walk the beautiful path along the sea towards Kaliagra and Stavronikita. Because of a misunderstanding (I do not speak Greek!), we were dropped from the car one junction to early, and only after a while we realized that we took the wrong way. Knowing that there was no way back and time was running out that afternoon, we decided to continue our hike on the road that led us directly to Stavronikita.

IMG_3637 Stavronikita 
Stavronikita – one of my favorite monasteries

IMG_3638 Stavronikita aquaduct and vines 
Stavronikita- the aquaduct and vines that create shadow on this fine authem day (29-9-2009)

IMG_3639 Stavronikita - picking grapes 
Stavronikita – picking grapes

The monastery is situated in the surroundings of the antique town Olophyxus and you can find remnants of ancient Greek buildings.

Map 1829 Ancient Greece London 
Ancient map of anique Athos – 1829

IMG_3642 Stavronikita antique column 
A Christian cross on an antique capital and column

IMG_3643 Stavronikita antique stone 
Stavronikita – worn out ancient – decorated - stone 

IMG_3644 Stavronikita ancient columns grave yard 
Stavronikita – two ancient Greek pilars at the entrance to the cemetary

IMG_3641 Stavronikita - view towards Pantocratoros 
Stavronikita – with Pantocratoros further along the coast

At that moment I had to make a choise: either go directly to Pantocratoros, or leaving my fellow pilgrim Peter for a while in Stavronikita and take a hike to Kaliagra, which was within reach, I only had to walk another 20 minutes. I choose to go to Kaliagra, because I realized it might take years before I would have the opportunity to visit this place again, although I was already getting tired of walking all day.

IMG_3645 Stavronikita - path to Iviron 
Stavronikita – the path leading to Kaliagra/Iviron

In 4 posts, published in November 2009 and beginning at nr 929, I already gave you a preview of this interesting place Kaliagra. Next time I will show you some of the highlights of this visit (to keep the chronology).

 Wim, 18/3

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