1200 – Simonospetras: the interior and Dafni (day 3 – 26)

IMG_3609 Simonospetras stairs
Large stairs lead upwards to the exit to the gardens.

IMG_3611 Simonospetras water tap

A marble sink, somewhere close to the large stairs.

IMG_3616 Simonospetras fresco near balcony
A fresco near the balcony

IMG_3617 Simonospetras fresco Simon

Left from the painting above you will find a slightly damaged fresco of Ag. Simon, holding a staff and a document, lit by a star (?).

IMG_3618 Simonospetras fresco founder
A new fresco of the founder and financier of the monastery (1368), the serbian Despot Joannis (Jovan) Uglitsch (Uglescha).

IMG_3619 Simonospetras entrance to trapeza
The entrance to the trapeza, build on May 20th 1863: the monastery was destroyed by fire several times.

IMG_3628 Simonospetras inside trapeza 1

Inside the trapeza

IMG_3630 Simonospetras wooden constructions
Simonspetras – a corner of the monastery with wooden constructions

IMG_3625 Simonospetras semantron
A wooden semantron

It was late in the morning and we had to follow our schedule, in order to arrive in Pantocratoros later that day. When leaving Simonospetras we were lucky to meet a salesman, who just delivered his goods to the monastery and who was about to drive back to Dafni in his fourwheel-drive car. We asked to get a lift and he was generously willing to take us to Dafni, without asking money, over one of the most boring roads in whole Athos: it took us 15 minutes instead of 1,5 hours walking!

IMG_3632 dafni with agia anna
Dafni – two cats and two pilgrims, with the small boat Agia Anna and the monastery Xiropotamou in the background.

IMG_3633 Dafni - pilgrims lunch
Dafni – two hungry and thirsty pilgrims (and a cat?) having lunch.

IMG_3635 Dafni - empty restaurant
Dafni – just before the boat from Ouranopolis arrives, everything is quiet in the port of Dafni

IMG_3634 Xiropotamou
Xirapotamou – 29/9/2009

We took a taxi to Karyes. Maybe this a good moment embed this film I took once more: at this point we are at 4:08 minutes.


Wim, 11/3/11

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