1202 – Athos: unknown places

While serving on the internet I come across a lot of pictures, and every now and then I find something new (at least, for me). Here are some examples: Unknown third church

Unknown (new?) church. If you have a closer look at the landscape it might be near Ag. Basiliou: the church is near Esfigmenou (wv 05/14)

Unknown ossuarium Unknown ossuary Unknown ossuarium 2 with a monk Unknown ossuarium skulls 4 detail with skulls Unknown second church and graveyard Unknown church, kellion and graveyard Unknown second ossuarium Second ossuarium, place unknown Unknown second ossuarium 2 bones Unknown second ossuarium 3 detail with skulls Unknown kellion Unknown house/kellion, maybe near Karyes? I also found these next pictures in my map “unknown places”. Later I discovered that these two tiny houses can be found near Morfonou bay, not far from Lavra. Two houses 2 Two houses I wonder if they still exsist…….. Wim, 20/3

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  1. Jeff says:

    The top picture labeled “near Ag. Basiliou” is a chapel just a few hundred feet just north of Vatopedi Monastery.

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