1153 – book: Le Mont Athos F. Perilla 1927, part 3

Here are the remaining images from this book, starting with the plain black and white woodcarvings (?).

Perilla Lavra 

Perilla Simonospetras 

Perilla courtyard 
Courtyard (of Vatopediou?)

Perilla Filotheou 
Katholicon Filotheou

Perilla Vatopedi 
Bell tower Vatopediou

Perilla amalfi 
Amalfi tower

Here an engraving of Chilandariou with Ag. Vasiliou in the foreground

Perilla engraving Chilandar 

Perilla map athos 
Map of Mount Athos – without Ouranopolis!

Perilla plan monastery 
Plan of a model Athos-monastery

 Perilla plan of church
Plan of a model Athos-church

That brings us to the photos in this book:

Perilla Sografou foto 

Perilla Chilandar foto 

Perilla Iviron foto 

Perilla Konstamonitou foto 

Perilla Pantocrator foto 

Perilla Vatopedi foto 

Perilla xenofontos foto 

Perilla xeropotamos foto 

 Perilla Lavra foto church
Lavra – refectory

Perilla lavra foto church2 
Lavra – detail of paintings refectory

Perilla Protos and seimenide foto 
Protos and seimenide

This ends the images from the Perilla book, whitch gives us a rich impression about Athos in 1927.

I think it would be a great idea to restore the old tradition to give the seimenides of today their old way of clothing back (and a beard), don't you agree, or do we make Athos a kind of museum by doing this?

Wim, 29/12

(soon I will resume my travel account of 2009: we were left in Grigoriou)

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