1152 – book: Le Mont Athos F. Perilla 1927, part 2

In blog 924 I showed some images (8 watercolors) from this special book in French from 1927. Only 1115 copies were made, numbered from 1 to 1055 and from I to LX. It has 188 pages and a lot of illustrations: 12 watercolors made by the writer, some plain black and white illustrations, plans, photographs (at least 18) and a map of Athos.

Today I will show another 3 watercolors, so only one is missing.

Perilla Docheiariou watercolor
Docheiariou – exonarthex

Perilla Simonospetras watercolor

Perilla Vatopedi interiour church
Vatopedi – interiour church/iconostasis

The following illustrations look like woodcuts, although I am not quite sure of the technique that is used.

Perilla novice

Perilla russian monk
Russian monk of Panteleimon

Perilla seimenide
Seimenide – Athos guard/police in its traditional clothing

Perilla semantron
Monk with semantron

Perilla mule and monk
Mule and monk

Perilla procession

Perilla ruins athos academie
Ruins Athos academy near Vatopedi

Perilla skulls

Perilla proskynitarion

Next time more images from this special book (for sale between € 300,00 and € 500,00).

Wim Voogd,


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4 Responses to 1152 – book: Le Mont Athos F. Perilla 1927, part 2

  1. art101 says:

    End of May I am in this are, starting with Filotheou. Do you have knowledge of the way from Karyes to Filotheo?(duration) I’m also in Morfonou but your path on the photo doesn’t fit to the Zwerger map. Could you transfer it onto it and send me an image?
    all the best

  2. Wim says:

    Art101: The Zwerger-map shows you a path from Arsanas Filotheou to I.M. Filotheou. It is the same path that I have drawn on the Google maps picture. If you’ll walk the road from Iviron to Lavra you can’t miss the signs, which you will lead to the path that leads to Filotheou. By the way, I realize more and more that the Zwerger map isn’t that accurate, it is not up-to-date and that it has its minor points, but together with the Athos map Road Edition ISBN: 978 960 8481 21 3 (see post 7) you’ll have a good change not to get lost!
    Have a nice stay on Mt. Athos, I wish I could be there in May!

  3. Daniel says:


    Komende week hoop ik van Dafni naar Dionisiou en de volgende dag van Dionisiou naar Iviron te lopen. Op dit weblog zag ik dat deze wandelingen vorig jaar in de planning stonden voor een groep (te zien op een google-kaartje). Is dit ook gelukt en is vooral de wandeling van Dionisiou naar Iviron haalbaar (voor een gezonde jongeman)?

    Bij voorbaat dank en ik wou zeggen dat ik veel heb gehad aan dit web-log.

    groet Daan

  4. Wim says:

    Beste Daan, het is een fikse wandeling, maar het is ons – ‘oude’ mannen van rond de 50 – gelukt. Het zwaarste deel is het 1e stuk, waar je een heel stuk moet stijgen to 850 m., daarna gaat het vanzelf! Laat weten hoe je reis is verlopen! Geniet ervan!

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