1147 – News: 'Esfigmenou rebels' and 'Robbery on Athos'

Bbc news esfigmenou 2010 2 
From Esfigmenou Malcolm Brabant reports on You Tube:

A short film from the BBC news with Esfigmenou monks, collecting food and medicin at the Athos-border and explaining their current situation (with Father Savvas, rebel monk, John Rigas, Pro-Esfigmenou campaigner and Abbott Methodius, rebel leader).

Bbc news esfigmenou 2010 
Abbott Methodius

For another news item about the new Moscow Patriarch Kirill planning to visit Athos, read here and the latest  “breaking” news is about a robbery at Mount Athos: last weekend burglars have been targeting the historic cell “Axion Esti” of Pantocrator Monastery on Mount Athos.
As announced by the Police Department Halkidiki, burglars, having entered the cell history of the Monastery, removed four icons, one embroidered Russian “Epitafio” and three embroidered covers for the altar.

Wim, 8/12

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  1. Fremaki says:


    I think these buildings are still there ; you’ll find them on the slopes of Karyes, along the old kalderimi going up to Molyvokklisia and Marouda.

    If my assumption is correct, the building on the left is now being restored and inhabited, whereas the center one, the tall one, is still left in a rather bad state. It might be the former Konaki of Saint Panteleimon.

    To me, the buildings in your recent picture do not seem to match the ones on the old picture, but the position where you were standing while taking your picture seems to be in the right vicinity.

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong ?


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