1014 – Article on Athos architecture and drawings by P.J. Quinn – 3

Let us continue to show you Quins drawings, starting with the basic plan of a monastery, just as Athansius had in mind in 963 as a settlement for individual heremites, who lived around the mountain in houses and caves, near the spot where the monastery Lavra is situated now.

5. The basic plan of an Athos monastery, drawn after the ideas of Athanasius
k= Katholicon
r= Refectory
p= Phiale
t= Tower

6. Iviron from the southeast

10. Iviron: Phiale

14. Karyes: Governer’s stove

12. Kellion near Iviron (also see photo 7 post 1005: the cell of Panaghias Agiasma)

4. Filotheou from the south

7. Filotheou: site plan

11. Karakallou

24. Karakallou courtyard

48. Vatopediou: harbor

Wim Voogd, 11/3

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