956 – 2009 Trip to Athos: towards Palio Monastiri day 1 – 8

After leaving Panteleimonos we found a dirt road behind the monastery that led to Palio Monastiri, the original Agiou Panteleimonos (also called Skiti of the Thessalonicans).

Cell under renovation (see the white cross). I did find a name of this cell.

Soon after a sharp turn, we found this sign which shows the way to Skiti Xenofontos. This Skiti might be one of the undiscoverd places on the Holy Mountain. Although relatively easy to reach, I did not see any pictures or reports about this settlement on the internet.

Skiti Xenofontos

Skiti Xenofontos – one of the large cells

Sign with “Karyes” along the road

Just before Palio Monastiri there is a large plain, whitch is recently surrounded by a new fence and a new house is build, I presume for agricultural reasons.

After 1.15 hour, at the end of the plain, Palio Monastiri shows up from the trees and bushes.

But next time first more about the artificial lake with a dam near Palio Monastiri.
Wim, 30/12

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