804 – Le Corbusier

Sketch of mount Athos from the hotel Karyes Origin JEANNERET 1911 samen met le corbusier

Sketch of mount Athos from the hotel Karyes. Origin in JEANNERET, Le Voyage d’Orient, 1911 from Le Corbusier
le corbusier 7 may 1954 Le couvant Athos

Drawing by Le Corbusier from 7 May  1954.

le corbusier Akropolis

According to the Le Corbusier Foundation this is Mont Athos, 1911. I however do not recognize he location. I agree with Makis that this could be very well a drawing of the Akropolis in Athens. (the site changed the text with the photo in the meawhile – 01/2015).

The famous architect stayed 21 days on the peninsula.
Bookcover Journey to the East

A text from the book from JEANNERET and Charles Edouard, Le Voyage d´Orient:

JEANNERET, Charles Edouard, Le Voyage d´Orient

The cypresses were black, the convent of the most delicate grey, the olive groves of greenish silver and the sky of a green crude oil invaded by violet come from the sea and from the white stars of the zénit, which entered scene this mobile set which luminous ramp was going out….

1911: “Rencontre avec Heinrich Tessenow, architecte de la cité-jardin
d’Hellerau – En mai, départ de Dresde pour le voyage d’Orient : Prague, Vienne, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucarest, Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Kasanlik, Istanbul, le Mont Athos (21 jours),  Athènes et l’Italie méridionale en compagnie de son ami, Auguste Klipstein, étudiant en histoire de l’art. Au cours de ce voyage, nombreux dessins, croquis, notes consignés dans six carnets,
 ainsi que plusieurs centaines de photographies”.
Church in Ronchamp by Le Corbusier.

(also see page 253 of the book Athos Rudolf Biletta)

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4 Responses to 804 – Le Corbusier

  1. Vasilis says:

    In the Greek edition of the newspaper Kathimerini from today you may read about an exhibition called Byzantine Empire and Athos. The 8th of April it opens in Paris (Petit Palais):
    and http://news.kathimerini.gr/4dcgi/_w_articles_civ_100051_03/02/2009_301902

  2. Makis says:

    Regarding the drawing by Le Corbusier.. It looks a lot like the Acropolis in Athens, rather than any Mount Athos location I know.

  3. hv says:

    Makis, I think you are right, I was thinking the same. I have asked the Le Corbusier foundation if they are sure this is an Athos location. Thanks.

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