768 – Aerial view Grigoriou


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3 Responses to 768 – Aerial view Grigoriou

  1. Joshua Funk says:

    You must look very closely!

    The particular photo of the monk opening the box of bones was altered by one of National Geographic’s staff.

    The skull in the box was pasted on somehow and doesn’t belong to the photo.

    This isn’t very apparent in the colour photo but I noticed it very clearly first when it was rendered in black and white for a book cover.

    Do you notice it too?

  2. herman voogd says:

    You maybe right. It is impossible to close the box, the right skull does not fit in.

  3. Vasilis says:

    Keliotes informs us in his blog nr 399 http://agioritikesmnimes.pblogs.gr/ that there will be published a third volume december 2009.

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