747 – Agnostos Ellinas and Edward Lear

This is the monastery of Stavronikita in Mount Athos as seen from the ancient footpath leading to Pantokratoros monastery. The footpath is very narrow and perched on the cliffside under heavy vegetation. In 1857 the British painter and writerEdward Lear set up his canvas at the same spot and painted one of his most known works from his days in Athos. The painting can be seen here:
I am pretty sure that this is the exact POV that E. Lear also had since this is the only spot where Stavronikita is visible from this particular angle. Painting and photography are pretty much related after all. Perhaps painting allows for more artistic license, something that can be seen in the Stavronikita painting. The footpath in reality is nowhere near as wide and comfortable as the painting suggests, and it certainly wasn’t at that time either. Of course one can say that with the photoshop-type of technology, the photographer can express some artistic license as well.
lear 1857 detail stavronikita
Text, photo and idea by Agnostos Ellinas (King Georgios)

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