699 – The tomb of Athanasius

The tomb (or grave) of saint Athanasios, founder of Lavra is in the Katholikon of this monastery. Never saw a picture of it because the monks are probably against it to let it be photographed. This image is from the book Monchland Athos by the German explorers of Dr. F. Dolger in 1941!

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2 Responses to 699 – The tomb of Athanasius

  1. Jean-Franxe7ois VODOZ says:

    On picture 590 I recognize the kellion Aghia Anna, where I have been, with 2 friends, wellcome in May 2007 by Father Antipas, with also the old Fathers Eutymios and Theodoze.Now the have built a new house beside the chapel.

  2. Sean Surlow says:

    Excellent. Thanks for posting.

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