646 – Athos in 1959: two articles in Dutch

Almost 50 years ago the Dutch writer A. den Doolaard and his photographer Cas Oorthuys visited Greece in the summer of 1959 for two months. At the end of their journey they visited the Holy Mountain, accompanied by a (expensive) Greek guide named Asterios. This article named “A visit to the Holy Mountain” was published on the 12th of december 1959 in the Dutch magazine “Katholieke Illustratie” (nr 50, page 4 – 8).

The black and white pictures are taken by Cas Oorthuys, the color pictures by A. den Doolaard

In their first article they write about their visit to Vatopediou, Karyes and a hermit in a kellion. He describes the abbot Nicolas of Vatopediou as “someone with eyes, that have seen heaven” .


The writer complaines about the unbearable heat that summer, 45 degrees Celius ! The local policeman in Karyes told him he was not happy to be on Athos: he got a disciplinary punishment and he had to unvoluntary serv on Athos during 6 months.

page 3 with a picture of a begger-monk in Karyes

page 4 with pictures of the hermit Father Miron from Karyes (together with a Bulgarian friend from Sografou and his ram – NOT goat!)

page 5: why does a wealthy banker become a monk on Mount Athos and leave his wife and son? The Bulgarian monk says: The one who wants to understand Athos, has to go there himself !
Wim, 15/12 (next time article number two)

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