632 – book: Theunissen, De Heilige Berg 1951

Mister Theunissen wrote some interesting books in Dutch about the Holy Mountain. We already reviewed his second book in nr 389.
His first book about Athos was published in 1951. The book is written together with his co-writer dr. J. Hartog. Boek_theunissen_hartog_1951_voorkan
Cover of the Theunissen book 1951

The book has 256 pages, 35 b/w images and 230 notes. In an appendix there a list of 193 books about Athos over de period 1677-1951. The last note is about the book of Dölger from 1943, which I just ordered in Germany.
Frontpage of the book

To my surprise this is the second book I bought from Theunissen with a handwritten text of the writer himself:
Theunissen: “In highy regards. May the Mother of God, in East and West so venerated, protect you permanently”.

The book is written in a time that dark clouds were hanging over the future of the Holy Mountain. But it is very informative and one of the best in the Dutch language. The emphasis in the book is a little bit to much on the Orthodoxy itself and not just the way of life on Athos, but still a good book to read, especially because of his knowledge of history. Most of the pictures are also published in his book of 1965 (in a better quality).
Karyes – 1951
Wim, 24/11

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