531 – How to get the Athos Cookbook?

The book by Father Epifanios Mylopotaminos is titled: The Cook Book of Yper Ygias Monastiriakes Syntages of Agiou Orous (Healthy Monastery Recipes of Mount Athos.) It is only available in the Greek language. See also nr.524. After some searching and translating with Google Translate I found this:

Maybe HERE?
Here is a possibiliy to order with English instruction. I do not know if these are reliable adresses.

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4 Responses to 531 – How to get the Athos Cookbook?

  1. Vasilis says:

    In Kariés, Dafni and Ouranoúpoli I saw the book this summer in the shops.

  2. Herman Voogd says:

    Lexie, see nr. 531 of this blog in categorie Food where you find a link to the cookbook

  3. Licinia says:

    It is now out in English!

  4. art says:

    bought it in English for 30 € in Ouranopolis last week.

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