415 – Vatopedi by Fernand Cuville 1918




Fernand Cuville (1887-1927)

Fernand Cuville is best known for his photographs taken during the war of 1914-1918, and in particular his autochromes. Having spent his youth in Bordeaux, he was able to meet the photographers from Bordeaux Leon Auguste, in the service of Albert Kahn from 1909, and Bernard Chevalier.
Cuville worked during the war of 1914-1918, for the photographic section of the army, which was created in 1915, and employed 15 operators. This section carried out missions on the Western Front (Reims, Soissons) making autochromes. After his marriage in June 1918, with pianist Marie-Antoinette Elesco with which he will have two sons, he went to the front of the Balkans in September 1918, and did go to Mount Athos where he made these impressive images.

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  1. Vasilis says:

    Vrouwen hebben illegaal de grens met Athos overschreden, zo meldden verschillende media, zie bijv http://www.depers.nl/buitenland/159949/Vrouwen-dringen-monnikenstaat-binnen.html

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