374 – more maps

This map can been seen in one of the restaurants in Ouranopolis (on the edge of the town in the direction of the border):

Athos map in restaurant in Ouranopolis – 2007

In the old cafenion/restaurant in Karyes you could find the map of Zweger on the wall. Pilgrims were able to add new information on this map by using their own pencil: which old paths were still available and which new roads were made ?
The old cafe in Karyes with the Zwerger-map on the right side on the wall – 1989

Unfortunately I lost my old map that I bought in 1980, and with it the “new” information about paths was gone. Nowadays the new cafenion in Karyes only has this map hanging on the wall (also see 370).
The (useless) map hanging in the new cafe in Karyes – 2007

I forgot to suggest to them to buy the latest version of the Zwerger-map and open the possibility for pilgrims to change it. Who does have the opportunity to ask them ?

By the way, the Zwerger map is indeed the best map to use on The Holy Mountain (and if you are planning to do some walking). I bought it in Amsterdam (Pied-a-Terre), but you can order it from Mr Zwerger himself:


Wim, 29/2

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9 Responses to 374 – more maps

  1. herman says:

    Deze bijdrage zou ik categoriseren in de rubriek Walking. Wat vind je van mijn categorietjes?

  2. fay says:

    Athos intereseert me echt helemaal niks,
    want ik mag er toch niet komen.
    Maar ik vind het wel een mooie weblog.

  3. Wim says:

    bedankt en prima die indeling (ik vergeet het nog te gebruiken).


  4. herman says:

    Jose, you need the map from Zwerger. You can order it here: Reinhold Zwerger, A-1020 Wien, Wohlmutstrasse 8, Austria. Good luck!

  5. Wim says:

    I bought this map at Pied a Terre in Amsterdam. Website: http://www.jvw.nl/
    gr Wim

  6. Vasilis says:

    Speaking about Reinhold Zwerger: his book Wege am Athos (2005,a lot of interesting texts, no photographs) fails on the list of books. Im I right?

  7. José says:

    Any have you got any foot or hiking map (elementary at least) than can send me via email? Until that I order, because I from Argentina and the orders always late 2 months or more. Thanks a lot for yours answer. José

  8. herman says:

    Dear Jose,
    We do not provide digital maps. You have to order it and even if it takes 2 months it will be on time if you are planning your visit in 2009 as you told us before. Good luck.

  9. José says:

    Yes is true, but I am reading The Station (Byron) and now the Travellers are in Kerasia. And I can´t find it. I only want to follow the book with and elementary map. In any map I can´t find places like: Kerasia, The church of Transfiguration, The Panagia, or the skiti of St. Anne.
    Sorry if I ask some irregular.
    PD: Thanks for the post about the map. I will order now.

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